Intra oral cameras provide our patients with intra oral pictures and video examination. This allows both doctor and patient to see the condition of the mouth at the same time, and then discuss treatment options.

Panorama X-Rays offer patients a complete detailed image of the entire mouth including the teeth, jaw sinuses and TMJ, offering a complete image of how everything looks and relates to each other.

Our office uses the latest in Digital X-Ray technology which cuts radiation up to 90% of conventional X-Rays. X-Rays play an important role in the diagnoses and provide the necessary treatment options.

Sensational Smile-whitening treatment combines a clear tray with an LED light to activate the whitening gel at a faster rate. This helps you to achieve a brighter and whiter smile in less time. The process can give you a brighter smile than other traditional whitening processes.

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Panorama x-rays

Intra oral cameras

sensational smile-whitening treatment

Digital X-Ray technology



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