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General & Preventative Dentistry Specialist

Murphy Dental Group

Cosmetic & General Dentistry located in San Jose, CA

Having great oral health habits can prevent complications like tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth loss. Harjit Khehra, DDS, at Murphy Dental Group in San Jose, California, understands how important having excellent oral hygiene is, which is why she provides all new patients with a comprehensive examination. Additionally, she recommends everyone receive a dental checkup at least twice a year to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile. Call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

General & Preventative Dentistry Q & A

How can I maintain good oral hygiene?

Good oral hygiene can make your smile aesthetically pleasing and prevent tooth decay or tooth loss. To achieve the best oral health possible, you should aim to brush your teeth twice a day and floss and use mouthwash at least once daily.

Dr. Khehra recommends everyone have biannual dental examinations and cleanings so she can make sure you don’t have periodontal disease or cavities. If you notice you have difficulty chewing, have bleeding gums, or your teeth are extremely sensitive to hot or cold, it’s important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khehra and her staff immediately to prevent any further complications.

What does a dental cleaning and exam entail?

Dr. Khehra and her staff aim to prevent any future health problems that could arise due to bad oral health. Because of this, the first step in your dental exam is to discover more about your oral health habits. Dr. Khehra asks how many times you brush and floss as well as what medications you’re taking.

Also during the exam, Dr. Khehra feels the area under your jaw, the sides of your neck, and the insides of your cheeks to look for signs of oral cancer.

Afterward, Dr. Khehra’s staff takes X-rays, if necessary, to thoroughly investigate your teeth, gums, jaw, and the supporting structures. To finish up the examination, your teeth will be cleaned to get rid of tartar and plaque buildup.

Why is plaque bad for your teeth?

Plaque is a substance made from leftover food debris and saliva that mix in your mouth. If you don’t have good oral hygiene, plaque can begin to form and build up on your teeth. Because plaque contains bacteria, it eats away at your tooth enamel, causing cavities and gum disease.

If plaque remains on your teeth for a few days, it hardens and turns into tartar, which must be scraped off. If enough tartar accumulates on your teeth, it begins to make your teeth look yellow and your breath smell bad.

For a thorough teeth cleaning and examination, call Murphy Dental Group today or schedule your appointment online.